Product Positioning
& Presentations
Do your presentations succinctly convey your edge? Do they differentiate your strategies? Are you getting people to emphatically say “that's the way we want our money managed"?

Let EDH position your investment strategies and enhance your presentations so asset owners and consultants select your firm. We can identify your most powerful sales argumentation and develop it into a compelling story.

Winning new business depends on the skills and on-the-spot judgment of your front-line staff. EDH’s training programs cover Presentation Training, Client Relationship Management Training, RFP Team Training and Sales Training. Each program is based on decades of observing best practices in the industry.

We’ve helped all personality types improve their communications skills...from dry portfolio managers who lack passion to lecturers who overwhelm audiences with detail to product pushers who sell without listening first. Does this sound like any of your staff?

Insurance Market
Successful strategy and tactics for growing insurance AUM differ significantly from other markets. Whether you are an established insurance asset manager or considering market entry, EDH can substantially improve your success. We offer:
  • Actionable research for bringing the right products and messaging to the right target market
  • Guidance on the most effective strategy, positioning, products, and go-to-market actions
  • Opportunities to expand and maintain your footprint in the insurance market
Other Business Issues
EDH can solve your business issues fast. Our recommendations are anchored by a keen understanding of industry best practices honed by three decades of careful observation of what makes investment firms successful. Talk to us about your key business issues; including, but not limited to:
  • Group Meeting/Conference Speaking Engagements
  • Product Efficacy Enhancement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Line Assessment and Rationalization