Finals Presentation
When it’s all on the line in important finals, intensive, custom preparation can tilt the odds in your favor. What you find out about the prospect’s issues, your ability to speak directly to those issues, articulating your investment approach to hit the prospect’s hot buttons, rehearsing and enhancing your presentation – all strongly impact success.

In the last three years, EDH has been on the Finals Prep Team for over $14B in aggregate assets won…almost always under very tight timing deadlines. EDH has tons of experience and ideas for helping your finals presentations shine and getting you across the finish line first!
Presentation Training
Winning new business depends on the skills and on-the-spot judgment of your front-line staff. EDH’s Presentation Training Program is based on decades of observing best practices in the industry.

We’ve helped all personality types improve their communications skills...from dry portfolio managers who lack passion to lecturers who overwhelm audiences with detail to product pushers who sell without listening first. Does this sound like any of your staff?
Presentation Content
Does your presentation content succinctly convey your edge? Does it differentiate your strategies? Are you getting people to emphatically say “that's the way we want our money managed"?

Let EDH redevelop your presentations so asset owners and consultants select your firm. EDH will identify your most powerful sales argumentation and develop it into a compelling story and script.